Hat-San Shipyard – Your Partner In Turkey

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HAT-SAN Shipyard is an affiliation of “PEKAR GROUP”. PEKAR GROUP that had already been into mining, construction, foreign trade and energy business, made a decision in 2006 to invest in shipbuilding and marine business. Shipyard investments are started in the allocated area for Shipyards in Altınova/ Yalova in 2007.


HAT-SAN Shipyard began ship building. First delivery was a 1500 DWT Bunker Tanker “M/T Kaya Bener” for Turkish Owners.


New deliveries continued with sister of purse seiner/trawler fishing vessel series to Norwegian Owners.

HAT-SAN decided to start ship repair services and first repairs began on the pier with HS10 Type 10.000 MT lifting capacity “home made” floating dock.

World’s biggest powership “KARADENİZ POWERSHIP OSMAN KHAN” is delivered to the Owner as a conversion project.

A 55 ton BP ice breaker tug is completed and delivered to Owner.

New contracts are signed for new projects. One of them is a floating dock that is 10.000 MT lifting capacity to a Danish owner. One of the others is a 4000 CBM live fish carrier to Norwegian owners. Also, 65 m purse seiner/trawler project is signed for Norwegian owners. HAT-SAN started to build all three projects immediately.

The floating dock is completed and delivered to Turkish Navy at the first half of the year. Also, 10.000 MT floating dock is completed and delivered to Danish owner. HAT-SAN decided to increase repair capacity with building Panamax size floating dock “HULK” has started. “HULK” has 25.000 MT lifting capacity and 250 x 38 m in size.

Also, two sisters 4000 CBM Life Fish Carriers are delivered to Norwegian owners.

HAT-SAN made a decision to acquire next shipyard and expanded its capacity to 100.000 m2. New slipways, floating dock, workshop areas, social areas are under construction in this new area.

AMT Commander, one of the biggest barges in Europe, has been lengthened. Also, five megablocks were installed to the barge.

Present Time
The third sister of 4000 CBM Live Fish Carriers is delivered to Norwegian owners in January 2022.

HAT-SAN continues its maintenance and repair activities and prepares to complete new Panamax size floating dock “HULK”